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The Spirit of Old Man River
a story by Alice B. Clagett


I've never seen the wide Mississippi River. I would love to go exploring up and down it. I'd like to go by car, with visits to all the parks by the river.

In a way, that river represents the lifeblood of North America ... like the Congo in Africa, and the Amazon in South America. It's one of the greatest rivers on Earth. Yet so far, I've only had a fleeting glimpse of it from an airplane.

I can imagine bringing along in my car, my cat and my guitar. She and I might compose a few songs beside the river. We might catch a glimpse of the Naiads, is it? ... the water nymphs that delight in the waters.

Who knows? One lucky day, we might even meet the Spirit of Old Man River himself. I can imagine such a conversation ...

Old Man River, towering over us: What Ho, little ones?

Cat and I: Oh my gosh, your majesty! What an honor it is to meet you!

Old Man River: The pleasure, dear ones, is all mine. Flow forth in peace and love ... or in tumultuous anger ... or in pretty little rills ... as the mood may take you. Treat my waters with the same respect you clearly have for me. Adieu!

And we: Adieu, Sir! Blessings to thine waters!

--a gift from Alice B. Clagett
  4 February 2018


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