Songs by Alice B. Clagett


a song by Alice B. Clagett

This song is entirely fictional.

Dear Ones,

Here's a new song by me, about womanly competition;
the lyrics follow the song ...




Well, I’m a hateful woman
I love to hate women, you see

You ask me, Why do you hate them?
Because they’re hateful like me

Lord, how I love to hate them
And they love to hate me

I heard your honey’s got money
And I want that money for me

‘Scuse me, sir …

You say your honey’s a sweet thing
But baby, you have not tried me

Lord, I love to hate women,
And Lord, they love to hate me

Was I right now? …

Say honey, would you kill her?
We’ll keep all the money, won’t we?

Say honey, you don’t need her
We’ll start our own family

And then you’ll have …

The honey that’s sweeter
Every day of the year

All you have to do is kill her
Just say yes, my dear

Just say yes if you love me, my dear

The truth …

I’d greatly prefer to be
The only fish in the sea

Lord, I love to hate women,
And Lord, they love to hate me


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