My Designer
by Alice B. Clagett 

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2012

The light of a thousand thousand suns cannot describe
       that home from which I come
                                                   and to which I go,

       from which this worldly house is but
                                                            one night's lodging.

He who designed that home fashioned as well
       the call of the sparrow,
       the keen of the hawk,
       the wind on which they ride

       dewdrops, raindrops, rivers and seas

       joy in the morning,
       that sweet pain at the setting of the sun

       rocks, and those which dwell therein,
       amethysts, rubies, emeralds and pearls

       all the green and growing things,
       blood, bones, and the sparkling stream of thought
                                                                               that moves them

And the very Designer who made all these
       has made me so very rich, indeed

That all there was, and all there is,
       and all there ever shall be

Abides right here, beneath my palm
       in the very heart of hearts
                                             of me.

--a gift of love, 1981

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2012


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