Midori -
Neither Green nor Blue

by Alice B. Clagett

I have my doubts
about the virtues and the vices --
the good and bad
polite and impolite
sane and … well, you know ... insane?

 True or not true?
Or is there something
      altogether else…
            right here
            right now

Not this or that
Not any thing at all

Like an elephant,
greater by far
      than the parsing

Sparser by far
      than that Wiley Coyote,

Somehow sweeter
      than the essence
      of a wild, pink flower
      roots in the mountain grit
      head tousled by a chill wind
            off the green Pacific.

--a gift of love,
  8 November 2013


Padres Shooting Star, photo by Alice B. Clagett, ca 2002


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