Love's a Wet Ride
by Alice B. Clagett

Here is the video where the poem is read:

Love's a wet ride on a stormy day
And no matter what, it will have its way,
And it's "Whoa, that chick is outta sight,"
And it's "Rock me, momma, on your lap tonight."

Love's a rock in this world of woe,
And it's "Kiss me under the mistletoe!"
Love's the one, and love's the many,
Love's "Don't knock here -- I don't got any!"

You might get lucky, but you might lose,
So why risk a run-in with Old Man Blues?
It's not really such a riddle --
If love's the tune, then we're the fiddle.

Love's the ocean and we're the sand,
When the tide rolls in, this sand feels grand.
Love's a wet ride on a stormy day,
And no matter what, it will have its way.

--a gift of love, October 2001

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2001

from "The Chalice and the Crucible"   Site home page: 2U3D


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