The Chalice and the Crucible
Poems by Alice B. Clagett



m are newly added poems
v are my personal favorites


Angels and Demons and Devils 
  (oh my!)

The Angel's Hair

Are You God Almighty?

Are You the Hammer?

Aruba Wakeup

As Rain Loves the Earth


Bedroom Windows

Bellows of Life 


The Bird of Paradise

Blessings of the Noontime Sun

Blue-Green Memories

Bright on Dark Waters

California Everlasting

California Snail

The Chrysalis

The Clink of a Reptile's Toes v

Coral Dreams

Cuyamaca Omen 

Deft Hands of an Angel m

Deliverance  v


El Corazon



The Far Himalayas 

The Fathomless

A Fickle Breeze

For My Sister

For a Young Girl

For Our Fathers  

Frog Eggs

Four Friends from High School


The Geek in Me

God in Love

God's Garden m

Goodbye from Mom

The Good Flick

Greetings to the Christed Races

The Hateful Heart  v

The Heart Is a Winged Messenger

Here, Here Is My Body

The Het Up Vet m


Home Again

How Old Are You? A Conversation
  between God and Adam

How to Handle a 9 to 5

How to Make Peace on Earth

The Human Heart

I Am That Eternal Flame

If I Could Hold My Mind,
  Like a Baby Chicken

An Incomplete Rhyme

Is There a Hotel Hilton in Hell?
Ok, Then, How About a Ski Lift
in Purgatory?

Joy Springs Forth

The Kabir Bird

Kingdom of the Sun

The Last Time We Passed On

Leviathan  v

Light of the World

A Little Blessing

Love by the Ounce

Love's a Wet Ride  

Love's Sweet Embellishment

Midori - Neither Green Nor Blue

Mountain Poems

The Murmuration

My Designer

On Freedom

Opium Dreams and Sunlit Lakes

Other People's Thoughts

The Outlaw m

Poems in October

Portals and River Rocks

Prayer for the People of New Earth

The Rage the Body Feels

River Rock

Scotch Tape Doesn't Last

Shall We Make War on War?


Song by the Pacific

Song for the Night  
   after Christmas  v

Songs for a Spring Day

Song for a Summer Day

Stonegate I

Stonegate II m

That One  v

The 37-Year Partnership 

The Time before the Times

To Catch a Salamander

Tom o' the Forest m

The Towhee 

The Tribe of the Golden Hue

True Love


The Undying Heart

The Universal Mind of God

The Veil

Virginia Surmise

The Voice of a Child m

The Voodoo Bird

Warrior Song

Westwood: Three Vignettes              

What Was That Moment?

Where Does the Formless
  Emerge as Form?

Whether the Wind Blow

The Winds of the World

Woo Hoo

Words of Wisdom from Me


Image: "From Fra Burmeister og Wain's Iron Foundry," 1885 painting by Peder Severin Kroyer.
Men are working in an iron foundry. Two crucibles of molten iron are being poured into a trough or cast. Public domain

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