Is There a Hotel Hilton in Hell?
Ok, Then, How About a Ski Lift in Purgatory?

by Alice B. Clagett

This account is entirely fictional.

When we get to the afterlife
There is no social din or strife

No ritz, no hoi polloi-ing there
No pas de trois, no gamesterware

The agent of that shift’s quite clair …
The Mind of God is in the air

God will sit there on His Throne
And every pecadillo’s known

No boodle tendered to His cause
Can make the Hand of Wisdom pause

We can’t hop on that ‘so long’ bus
or ride the rails to dodge the fuss

God speaks our truth,
And then, forsooth,

It’s we that must the piper pay
When we face God on Judgment Day

--a gift of love
11 February 2018


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