Where Does the Formless
Emerge as Form?

by Alice B. Clagett

photo by Alice B. Clagett,  2015

Where does the formless emerge as form?
Where does the Soul meet the Divine? 

At the very back of the heart chakra, 
at the point where it touches the spine. 
From this point life springs, and healing. 

Though there be many hearts, 
for each this is the Center of all that is. 
For each this is equally true . 
In the manner that alternate universes exist, 
and that all times are one eternal Now... 
All places one eternal Here... 
Just as every catastrophe
contains its opposite - supreme bliss. 

As Christ, in his mortal body dying, 
knew in greater consciousness his undying Self. 

--A gift of love,

from "The Chalice and the Crucible"   Site home page: 2U3D

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