What Was that Moment?
by Alice B. Clagett

This is a poem about
the childhood of a woman
I spoke with some years ago.


What was that moment in my tender years
when I succumbed to the notion
                      that love's a scarce commodity?

--was I left crying on the bathroom floor? Was that it?

--was I awakened at night by a stranger's hand
        as my mother -- in some faraway place --
        gave birth to my competition?

--was it the moment when my folks
        walked up the porch steps
               -- right past the former apple of their eyes --
        bearing that sleeping newborn babe?
        Hush! You'll wake him!

Not that? When, then?                         ?

That was the moment when I -- unknowingly --
Gave up my birthright for that all-too-human myth.

 --a gift of love, 10 January 2012

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