The Tribe of the Golden Hue
by Alice B. Clagett

Photo by Alice B. Clagett


Long did we dwell
Augustly spare

Life's strength and sway
Within us, not yet named

Pull and departure
Movement, and lack thereof

Lightning and thunderous sound
Swirling upheavals of the cosmic Will

Spinners of space were we,
Swimmers of the temporal streams
Dancers on a trillion suns
Rejoicing in His majesty

And then, the Call!

Quicker than light
Ten thousand volunteered ...

Down, down we fell
Formless to form
To tiny form indeed

And yet, beholding
Our minuscule selves
Earth beings worshipped us

What duty here!
Through the long ages
Shepherds of Souls ...

They're a little like us!
From form they morph
to lesser form
and lesser still,
Then back again.

And we, the Tribe of the Golden Hue
Stand by these Hue-mans as they dream

Choose, choose! we say
Who shall we be?

Lords of Karma?
Flingers of slackers to the fiery deeps?

Lords of Dharma?
Holding heaven's keys?

Choose, choose! we say

Shall we bring tidings from the Stars?
How fare thy home world's children now?

Ask, ask!
O Soul, remember!

The moment thou awaken
We are free.

--A gift from Alice, July 2016


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