Tom o' the Forest
by Alice B. Clagett

This account is entirely fictional.

Ah, Tom! Tom o' the Forest!

Would that I had been there
with you, my own dear love,
as our child grew in strength
     and beauty

Would, if I could,
     have stopped the flow
          of my life blood
               such loss
               such pallor
                     out onto the brown leaves
                     by the woodland pool
                      we once bathed in

Dearest my love
Such a long and weary while
     Stood I by your own side,

The blade that longing
     lent your throat
          sliced mine
               as well

Tom of my life
Tom of my seried lives' yearning
Blest be the day
when our twained paths
meet once again

   --a gift of love,
   4 January 2018



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