The Time before the Times
by Alice B. Clagett

In the time before the times, the angel leagues
roamed free the strident lightpaths of the galaxies.
The songs they sang gave structure
to the worlds of light.

Then came the dark times. The times of the Fall.
Those who roamed Earth before humankind were,
those that then roamed were, and are, of the Fall.

Now, in these times of Gaia's Awakening,
we of the Hue can awaken the All.
We can awaken the Great who have Fallen.

Sing now this song. Sing them this blessing.
Waken their memories. Wish them good journey.

Wend they now pathways longtime remembered.
Wend they now homeward to light beyond knowing. 
Join they their comrades. Glorious dawn!

--A gift of love, 2015


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