The Human Heart
by Alice B. Clagett


The human heart,
it's not like in the pictures ...

It's more like the wind.

It's like when the sun rises,
    and the sun sets.
Or the moon rises,
    and the moon sets ...
and sometimes waxes,
    and sometimes wanes.

It's like birth ...
and death and rebirth ...
and death and rebirth ...
and death.

It's like that.

It moves in and out
and as it moves in and out,
as we feel it moving in and out,

it organizes
and crystallizes
the energy of all the other chakras....

The action of the mind,
which ceaselessly divides,
and labels and classifies,
and judges,
and criticizes ...

like a tide of water in a bay,
it rolls over all that,
smoothes it out,
makes it just one small part
of all that we are

and as the heart's energy
rolls outward in every direction
it smoothes out all the energy
of the vital body

leaving us with
that tide
that pull
that glad return
that joyous surge
of being

--a gift of love,
  9 May 2015

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