Song for a Summer Day
by Alice B. Clagett

I went for a drive from Los Angeles to Grass Valley in the spring of 2001,
 and on the way home, this poem was born. It's about true love ...
not the kind we read about in novels, but the love from which we sprang,
and to which each of us longs to return.

Here is the spoken poem (1) :

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2001

These sun-drenched California hills
      knead me like dough,
      bake me in the noonday heat,
      and eat me for lunch.

Not a bad way to go.... 

I’d like to live on a road
      with a sign at the entrance:

Let it have rolling hills
      live oaks marking a fence line
      horses grazing the wild oats
                  riding the backs of the meadows
                  like a lion’s sleek fur 

Let it have bird call
      and response
                  cricket chirp
      and a cricket answering
                  heart song
      as the wind loves to touch
      the leaves of the oak tree
                  love’s song
      like the brook that whispers to the passing shore:
      “Drink, drink! Freely I give to thee.” 

Love does not forget the other,
      the different one, loved for its difference
      the dry one, loved for a chance to bring it water
      the green one, loved for its greenness
      the formless one, loved for its touch alone
      and all those who long for another,
            loved for their longing 

Love is, and what is not
      are this tree,
      this golden field,
      the rolling warble of a summer day
            in California 

The length and breadth and depth of life
      are not there
      but hidden away, like a summer day
            on a forgotten country road
      nourished by a stream that never runs dry,
            not even in summer. 

-- a gift of love, May 2001


(1) The beautiful instrumental music in the video is by Chris Zabriskie,
from ... Mr. Zabriskie uses the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license to share his music worldwide.

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