Greetings to the Christed Races
by Alice B. Clagett

Greetings to the Christed Races
from the League of Humankind.
we greet thee,
our dear Brother of the Stars!

Long have been the days of darkness,
birth after birth, shackled and cast down.
Now at last the day of dawning,
birthday of New Earth is here.

With loving thanks we greet thee,
Christed Brethren of the Stars.
As this Earth shifts out of darkness

into brightest light and love,

Light within us, love above us,
all at once, we're All in Love.
In Divine Ma's name we greet thee,
Blessed Brethren of the Stars

--a gift
of love,

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2016

from "The Chalice and the Crucible"   Site home page: 2U3D

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