by Alice B. Clagett

I have seen him lie so still
        dreaming on the dew-wet grass

and then again, curled like a wraith,
        like mist, across the sleeping river.

and once he danced,
        for pure springtime delight
             in clouds of yellow butterflies
                  around a silent desert bush.

and I have seen him warlike
        stride over this noonday hill --
             homeward to greet me --
                  sun flamed in his hair!

 By night he makes that far-flung
        star-spun panorama of the sky
             a velvet cloak to clothe him

and even now, in this one frozen instant
        -- NOW --
             he leans to whisper in my ear:

                                           "Beloved . . . ."

   --a gift of love from the 1980s


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