Are You God Almighty?
by Alice B. Clagett

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2014

Are you God Almighty?
I'm pleased to shake your hand

I've got a pile of troubles, dude
I know you'll understand

One day sun is shining, next day full of gloom
One day I'm ascending, next day 'meet your doom!'

So while I climb that ladder to
Walhalla in the sky 

I'm happy to pay homage to
Great umbrage by my side

I might be wonderin' one day
If you are in the wings 

Then tumblin' mumblin' headlong feel
That song my own heart sings 

What joy, what titivation can
One little organ bring! 

What vastly great elation when
My own spirit's king 

So, my dear God Almighty
I shake your potent hand 

Acknowledgin' that ' wow! get real! '
Is where my true soul stands

--A gift of love,
   7 November 2014


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