Angels and Demons
and Devils (oh my!)

the complete scoop on the battle between
the forces of light and dark. honestly

by Alice B. Clagett


What a roil these words make
in the subconscious, isn't it so?
Here's my shortest take on this topic:

--If I were to have a problem
with a demon or devil
(assuming they exist),
then I'd ask an angel for help.
That's the job description of an angel,
to combat the dark forces.

--From an angel's perspective,
devils are probably angels
who didn't make the grade.
Lacking some essential job skill
(such as, for instance,
the ability to see the big picture),
they've been consigned
to the basement
of the angel office building.

--Even angels can disagree,
so if I don't like the decisions they make,
I go straight to the top.
I figure God never makes mistakes.

--a gift of love
   9 January 2012



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