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Dear Ones,

A little about me....

In years past, many knew me by my spiritual name, Dharm Darshan Kaur, a name I still treasure. This name, a gift from Yogi Bhajan, from whom I learned a great deal about the spiritual path, means 'the princess who follows the path of righteousness and bows to the teacher who leads her from darkness into light. Another teacher whose works I treasure is Patanjali.

I practice the Christian faith of my youth, and my goal in life is to follow in Christ's footsteps in service to humanity and to God.

My current blog is at "I Am of the Stars" -- on Wordpress as   Pre-Shift archives are on the website that you're now viewing, at

If you live in the Los Angeles area, and you love mystical poetry, you might want to try out the Rumi and Meditation meetup, of which I am delighted to be one of the co-organizers ... 

In love, light and joy,
Alice Clagett